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A) Journal Articles
   1- B. Eskandari, Tavakoli Bina, M.; "Support vector regression-based distortion compensator for three-  
       phase DC-AC boost-inverters: analysis and experiments", IET journal of power electronics, vol.7, 
       no. 2, pp. 251-258, 2014.

   2- B. Eskandari, Tavakoli Bina, M.; "A New Concept on Sinusoidal Modulation for Three phase DC-AC
       Converters: Analysis and Experiments", IET journal of power electronics, vol.7, no. 2, pp. 357-365,

   3- Y. Firouz, M. Tavakoli Bina, B. Eskandari.;"Efficiency of three-level neutral-point clamped converters:
       Analysis and experimental validation of power losses, thermal modeling and lifetime prediction", IET
       Journal of power electronics, vol.7, no. 1, pp. 209-219, 2014.

B) Conference Publications

   1- Eskandari, B.; Bina, M.T,"Dynamic Formation of Time-Dependent Duty Cycles for a Three-Phase
       Boost-Type DC-AC Converter Based on Averaging Model", Power Electronics, Drive Systems and  
       Technologies Conference (PEDSTC), 2016.  

   2- Eskandari, B.; Haghi, H.V.; Bina, M.T.; Golkar, M.A.; " An xperimental prototype of buck converter fed
       series DC motor implementing speed and current controls", Computer Applications and Industrial
       Electronics (ICCAIE), 2010.

   3- Tavakoli Bina, M.; Eskandari, B.; "Combined DC-Filter and optimized Modulation to Absorb DC-Link
       Oscillations of Cascaded H-Bridge Converters", Power Electronics and Drive Systems,2007.

   4- Valizadeh Haghi, H.; Eskandari, B.; Pashajavid, E.; Tavakoli Bina, M.; "An experimental 
        examination of a fuzzy logic-based DTC scheme ", Power Electronics, Drive Systems and 
        Technologies Conference (PEDSTC), 2011. 

  5- Bina, M.T.; Eskandari, B.; "Compensation of DC-Link Oscillations of Cascaded H-Bridge 
       Converters", Power Electronics and Drive Systems, 2007. PEDS '07.

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